Stand for Apple Watch

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Stand for Apple Watch

Stand for Apple Watch

Precision machined aluminum charging stand.

Precision machined aluminum charging stand.

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As simple as possible.

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Because Simple Makes Perfect

Simply put, Stand for Apple Watch is a minimalist, honest charging stand for Apple Watch. It’s designed to give your watch an elevated charging experience, whether at your desk or by your bedside.

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Stands strong.

Stand is built from a solid piece of extruded, aircraft grade, precision CNC’d aluminum. And its machined non-visible cable routing channel sits discretely on its backside, creating a stealthy passageway for your Apple Watch charging cable. Simply put, Stand is incredibly well built.

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Sits well, too.

Hidden above our non-slip, high friction rubber footing lies a solid chunk of copper for added ballast. At over 3 times the weight of aluminum, you'll quite literally feel the difference our copper alloy base makes in keeping Stand appropriately tethered to the surface.

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Space Gray or Silver, choose your favorite.

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Stand for Apple Watch
Size 10.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 5.0 cm
Materials Military grade aluminum, copper alloy (for ballast), rubber bottom
Charge Inputs Apple Watch charging cable 1m and 2m versions
Compatibility 38mm and 42mm of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition


01. Will the Stand scratch the back of my Apple Watch?

There is a space between the Apple Watch & Stand for Apple Watch while on the charging cable. If it did touch, we designed the Stand for Apple Watch to be softer hardness than the Apple Watch so it would not scratch.

02. Will my Apple Watch fall off of Stand?

The angle of the product plus the grip of the magnetic charging cable is enough to keep your Apple Watch sturdy and securely in place while on Stand.* *Provided you're not in a category 5 or above earthquake, experiencing a twister through your house, on a fighter jet going upside down, etc.

03. Does Stand for Apple Watch come with its own charging cable?

Stand for Apple Watch is intended to be used with the charging cable that comes with your Apple Watch and does not come with its own charging cable.

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