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USB cable. Again.

Introducing NomadClip

NomadClip all three views

Your cable, carabiner-sized.

NomadClip is a portable charging cable the shape of a carabiner. It’s designed to fit onto your keychain or just about anywhere, so you’ll always have a smartphone cable on you. Use NomadClip to charge/sync your smartphone from any USB port. Constructed from a tough steel frame and a Bayer Science polycarbonate outer shell, the carabiner is strong and built for the nomad life. Non-weight bearing. Not for climbing. Learn more

NomadClip for iPhone
NomadKey flexible

Our new NomadKey

Your new key sized cable.

NomadKey is a portable smartphone cable the shape of a house-key. It’s designed to fit onto your keychain just like a house-key, so you’ll always have a smartphone cable on you. Use NomadKey to charge/sync your smartphone from any USB port, anywhere. The center section is high grade rubber from Dupont, allowing a high range of movement while still being durable. Designed to work in hard to reach places, LifeProof cases, and harsh environments. Learn more

NomadKey keychain
NomadCard credit card

Introducing NomadCard

Your new card sized cable.

NomadCard is a portable smartphone cable the shape of a credit card. It’s designed to fit in your wallet just like a credit card, so you’ll always have a smartphone charging cable on you. Use NomadCard to charge/sync your smartphone from any USB port, anywhere. Learn more

NomadCard in your wallet
  • Nokia
  • Iphone
  • Samsung
  • Ipad

Charge or sync all of your devices

We are Apple MFi certified for iPhone, iPad and iPod Lightning devices. We are also USB 2.0 certified, meaning you can charge any micro USB device including tablets, Kindles, Jamboxes and, of course, your smartphone. Our 24 gauge copper wires support high 2 amp charging and data sync.

Made for your Phone
  • FAQ Cable

    Do I still need a standard USB cable?

    No. Give your old cables away! Nomad cables do everything your old cables do. Use them to charge from any USB port and sync with any computer.

  • FAQ Referal

    Why is my credit card charged immediately?

    Making custom products is expensive. We use customer deposits to invest in the highest quality products possible, so you will truly love your Nomad.

  • FAQ Moving

    I will be moving soon. Can I change my shipping address?

    Of course! It's easy to change your address with our simple system where you can update your address any time.

  • FAQ Quality

    How do I know these are going to be high quality?

    Our products are certified by Apple and USB and we use high grade materials from top tier suppliers, like Dupont and Bayer. We offer a 2 year warranty on all products.

Still have questions? We'd love to hear from you.

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The idea is that you’ll never again suffer Battery Death Anxiety, where you’re out for the evening, watching your phone’s charge approach zero because you have no way to charge it. Now, you’ll always have the “cable” right there in your wallet. Find the nearest TV or computer and charge away.

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We shipped +100,000 products worldwide

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We’re located in the heart of San Francisco and we have fulfillment locations across the globe from Canada to Australia. By investing in local logistics hubs, duty and customs charges are no longer an issue for most international shipments, and we’re able to deliver your order fast when it's ready.