Pod Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch

Pod Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch

Pod Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch

The only battery pack for iPhone and Apple Watch

The only battery pack for iPhone and Apple Watch

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2X full charges for both
iPhone and Apple Watch

Pod Pro packs a compact high density 6000mAh lithium ion battery which is enough to charge your iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, twice each. Toss Pod in your pack, and you will have enough power to get through a long weekend.

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No more messy wires

We built a 24cm Lightning cable for your iPhone into Pod Pro, so you don't need to carry an extra Lightning cable.

To install your Apple Watch cable inside Pod Pro.
1. Twist Pod Pro’s aluminum top off to reveal USB port
2. Plug Apple Watch charging cable into USB port
3. Wrap cable around the body and secure Apple Watch charging puck
4. Place aluminum top on

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Magnetic design

Pod Pro's anodized aluminum case snaps into place via two powerful magnets on either side, allowing for easy alignment and maintaining a tight grip. This design holds your Apple Watch cable inside, keeping everything clean and organized.

The integrated Lightning cable is also held into place by a hidden magnet hiding into Pod Pro when you don't need it, but ready when you are. We love the way this came out. Strong and reliable, while still being easy to use.

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For the love of Apple

We built the Pod Pro to the highest standards. Pod Pro's integrated Lightning cable is MFi certified by Apple for compatibility and safe charging for iPhone or iPod.

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Pod Pro for Apple Watch
Size 98mm (diameter) x 29mm (height)
Weight 182g
Technical 6000 mAh high density lithium ion rechargeable battery, Micro USB (in), Apple Lightning (out), Type A USB (out)
Materials Precision stamped and anodized aluminum casing, polycarbonate plastic enclosure, Dupont Versollan TPE rubber base
Certification MFi, CE, FCC, ROHS, UN38.3
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Charge Inputs Charges with Micro USB
Charge Outputs 5V / 2.1A out for Lightning cable - 5V / .5A out for USB port (for both 1m & 2m versions of Apple Watch magnetic charging cable)

38 and 42mm versions of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition (for use with 1m & 2m Apple Watch magnetic charging cables), and A USB for all other devices.

For Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet Apple Watch bands, we recommend disconnecting one of the lugs when charging from Pod


01. Does Pod Pro for Apple Watch come with a charging cable?

Pod Pro does have an integrated Apple Lightning connector to charge your iPhone. It also ships with a Micro USB cable to charge the Pod Pro itself from any standard USB type A port. Pod Pro for Apple Watch is intended to be used with the charging cable that comes with the Apple Watch and does not come with it's own cable for charging the Apple Watch.

02. Does Pod Pro for Apple Watch work with both versions of the Apple Watch charging cable?

Yes, Pod Pro for Apple Watch works with both the 1m & 2m variations of the Apple Watch charging cable. It also works with both the plastic and metal version of the cable, though you need to use the included spacer with the metal charging puck.

03. How long does Pod Pro for Apple Watch take to charge?

Pod Pro for Apple Watch uses pass through charging when plugged in, meaning it will charge the Watch first and then itself. The Pod itself takes roughly three hours to fully charge depending on the level of input. It's a big battery!

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