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Universal Cable USB-C

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Universal Cable USB-C

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    The one cable to rule them all, Universal cable comes with integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any USB C, or Micro USB device, including Macbook. The core cable is high output USB C to USB C cable. Attached are two tips, a legacy USB A to charge from all old USB A ports, and a legacy Micro USB to charge your wireless headphones, wireless mouse, headlamps, or older Androids. This cable is the ultimate charging cable for nearly any situation. Learn more

    • 10K Mil-spec flex tested
    • 60W max output
    • Braided ballistic nylon cable
  • Materials
    • Ultra Rugged Ballistic Nylon
    • Fire resistant PVC jacket
    • Vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie
  • Technical
    • 20AWG for Fast Charging
    • USB 2.0 - 500mbs data transfer (does not support USB C 4K video)
    • Length: 1.5 meters
  • Devices
    • USB Type C phones and tablets
    • Micro USB phones and tablets
    • USB Type C laptops, including the 15" Macbook Pro (limited to 60W)
  • Certifications
    USB 2.0, CE, RoHS
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  • How rugged is the Universal cable?
    The cable works reliably after 10,000 multi-directional 150 degree flexes at the micro USB connector. We achieve this industry leading certification by enlarging the diameter of the PVC jacket, copper wires, and the strain relief, as well as using high-quality plastics.
  • At what speed does this cable charge?
    The speed of the charge does not depend on the cable, but the USB port's output power. This cable uses large diameter 20AWG copper so it can handle 5V/4.5A through the Micro USB tip, and a full 100W through the USB C - USB C main cable. It is not designed for high-speed USB 3.0 data.
  • What is the intended use?
    Designed to charge and sync all USB C devices at full speed, Micro USB devices (at speeds equal to a standard Micro USB cable). It is not designed for high-speed USB 3.0 data, but it does support fast 500mbs data. This is plenty fast for most applications, but not fast enough for 4K video or demanding video editing from an external hard drive.


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