Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

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This powerful hand sanitizer is formulated with 80% ethyl alcohol and kills germs and bacteria on contact. This mint scented liquid formula contains glycerin to help moisturize and soothe hands. Safe and effective for use on children and adults; this formula leaves no sticky residue.

    • Alcohol antiseptic 80%
    • Kills germs on contact
    • Mint scented liquid formula
    • 6 bottles per pack
    • 3.6 fl. oz (106 mL) per bottle
    • Manufactured in Santa Barbara County, California
    • Made in the USA

Pricing & Availability

Recent limited availability has increased the price of ethyl alcohol substantially. We are offering this hand sanitizer for sale in hopes that we are able to ship it to those in crucial need of supplies.

Our goal is to get the most supplies, at the lowest cost, to as many frontline responders, and people in need, as possible. Any revenue that exceeds our costs will be either donated in the form of medical supplies to individuals and organizations in need, or commited to the delivery of medical goods in the fight against Covid-19. We have already donated over 30k masks, and are dedicated to providing many more.

Please reach out at medical@nomadgoods.com to inquire more.


  • Can I use hand sanitizer multiple times per day?
    Yes. Numerous studies support the safety of long-term, repeated use of ethanol alcohol hand sanitizer. It is critical to practice good hand hygiene at key moments.
  • Is this hand sanitizer proven to kill germs?
    Yes, ethanol alcohol is proven to kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms and bacteria. It is prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration for manufacturers to make viral reduction claims.
  • How many bottles can I buy?
    We are currently allowing customers to purchase up to 10 cases (60 bottles) per order. If you would like to purchase more you can submit a bulk request here.

  • Maximum order quantity is 10 packs (60 bottles total).

  • For medical professionals & first responders in need of more with bulk discount, visit here.
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    Hand Sanitizer

    - $24.95

    Kills Germs on Contact

    Hand sanitizing topical solution. This powerful Hand Sanitizer is formulated with 80% Ethyl Alcohol, and kills most germs and bacteria on contact. Safe and effective for use by children and adults; ethyl alcohol kill germs in as fast as 15 seconds.

    Made Locally in California

    This hand sanitizer is being manufactured by DenMat, 30 miles from Nomad's headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. DenMat specializes in dental supplies, and has expert experience formulating antiseptics and other hygiene products. Learn more about DenMat here.

    DenMat Takes Action

    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, DenMat began producing hand sanitizer and donated over 6000 bottles of hand sanitizer to medical personnel, first responders, and public officials. As the next step in our medical goods initiative, we have partnered with DenMat to harness our shipping infrastructure and team resources to help get hand sanitizer to frontline responders as quickly and cost effectively as possible.