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Barter like

1. Propose a barter
2. We review offer
3. Exchange goods

NOMAD doesn't just deal in money; we also deal in barters.

If you have something we need or we just find amazing,
send us a message and we'll consider a barter for our products.

Seeking to Barter

We're building our office and our team, so here are some of the things on our "to-get" list:

  • Bean bag chair

  • Web Dev Work

  • Photography Work

  • Wall Decorations

  • Graphic Design Work

  • Internet Marketing Advice

Past Barters

Here are a few goodies we've already bartered for

Our Dream Barters

One NOMAD's trash is another NOMAD's treasure.

  • Airline miles

  • Kentucky bourbon

  • Foreign snacks

  • Interesting local liquor

  • Vinyl records

  • Christmas lights

  • Small sailing boat

Fill out my online form.

How it works

Barter is easy. Just send us your trade proposal, and we'll decide if it's
something we want to barter for. Go ahead and barter away!

Out of town?

Just ship your barter to us. We will send our side of the deal out right away. We trust you'll uphold your side. We trust our fellow NOMADs.

In San Francisco?

Great! Come by our office near North Beach. We will happily treat you to a beer or coffee and you'll get to know the SF NOMADs.

539 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133

Happy bartering!

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